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Amazon UK has shared the new book cover for Suffer The Children, by Adam Creed, to be released on October 18th as an accompaniment to the new series of Dark Heart.

A new interview with Anji Mohindra, Tom Riley's co-star in Dark Heart, has been shared online. In it, Anji mentions the show. 

You are also in Dark Heart, out later this year. What is that about?

It’s about Will Wagstaffe, played by Tom Riley, who is an insanely good copper with an incredible instinct. He’s facing his own demons but he’s propped up by three very strong women: his sister, played by Charlotte Riley, his on-off girlfriend and his partner Josie Chancellor, who I play. It’s very noire and filmic, and again, it’s brilliantly written, so it was a joy to work on.

Dark Heart also gets a mention in the latest Tatler - one of the best Autumn TV dramas for 2018. It does look like they have the wrong broadcast date. We haven't even had a promotional trailer for the series yet.

Dark Heart, ITV

The series revolves around DI Will Wagstaffe, played by Tom Riley, who is haunted by the unresolved murder of his parents when he was a teenager. The series sees him trying to go about his life as a police officer, solving brutal crimes, while attempting to hold his life together.

Airing: September/October, six episodes

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