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The Radio Times has shared a message from Tom for the 10th Anniversary of the new Doctor Who.

Dear Nu-Who,

Happy Tenth Birthday. I'm just so glad you came back to give a whole generation of children the same brilliant nightmares I remember suffering, from your original incarnation - which helped shape me into the wildly unbalanced adult, with an over active imagination, I am today.

The Radio Times also included the spoon fight in Tom's guest episode, in a round up of the best moments so far of Peter Capaldi's 12th Doctor.

The Doctor didn’t really get on with Robin Hood (Tom Riley) – and he certainly gave him what for in this great fight scene where he defeated the Prince of Thieves with nothing more than a piece of cutlery.

It seems that the Radio Times would also like Tom's character of Robin Hood to make another appearance in the series.

After all the darkness of Series 8, a bout of jovial men in tights was certainly very welcome in the episode Robot of Sherwood.

After trying to convince Clara that Robin Hood is just a fairytale, he is brilliantly unnerved to find out he is wrong. Once he is, hearty laughter and flamboyant swordplay ensue.

Why they should come back

Because firstly, it's bloody Robin Hood. And secondly, the brilliant squabbling rivalry between the two egos of the Doctor and the legend was some of the most brilliant comic chemistry the show had ever seen.

The likelihood they will

Tom Riley is a self-confessed fan of the series, and now that we know that the earnest thief exists, we see no reason for the Doctor and him to join forces once again: if the Doctor could stand him for a whole extra episode, that is.


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