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The Hampstead Theatre posted on Instagram about very limited seats available for the rest of the Dry Powder run. If you get the chance to see the play, get your tickets soonest! You don't want to miss Tom Riley as Seth verbally sparring with Hayley Atwell as Jenny - their great rapport noted in a review shared online today by Exeunt magazine

Atwell, Riley and McArdle all do well with the material they’ve been given, but their simplistic, opposing methods make them function less as foils and more as talking figures for the money versus morals debate. Back and forth, back and forth, Seth and Jenny swivel in their chairs and take bourgeois pot-shots at each other. Atwell and Riley have a great, stilted rapport, with Atwell’s sharpness countered by Riley’s smiling, gee-wiz demeanor. They insult each other about their yachts, that Seth only made it into Yale instead of Harvard, and who scored the highest on the GMAT.

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