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It is a policy of this website to never comment on Tom's private life, nor to acknowledge gossip or paparazzi photos. However, on this very special occasion, now that it has been confirmed, it seems appropriate to send Tom and Lizzy Caplan much love and best wishes for a wonderful, happiness filled future, on the fantastic news of their recent engagement.  

Despite Lizzy being photographed publicly on three occasions recently wearing her gorgeous engagement ring, notably at the premiere in New York of Now You See Me 2, with Tom in June 2016, none of the gossip magazines managed to spot it...sadly it took an invasion of their privacy yesterday, while they were shopping in Los Angeles, to get it noticed...

EOnline sought confirmation from Lizzy's reps, and posted the news along with a photo first shared on here.  They also included the paparazzi photo, so I won't link back. Search online for the original article.

According to the actress' rep, Tom Riley asked Lizzy Caplan to be his wife in May 2016 in New York City. The couple met in London where Caplan was filming Now You See Me 2, in January 2015.

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