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Some of the local Scottish newspapers have been sharing details about the new BBC Agatha Christie adaptation of Murder Is Easy, with Tom Riley as Lord Whitfield. It seems that initial filming took place in my part of the world: Paisley, and there are literally hundreds of behind the scenes photos shared on Flickr

More recent filming appears to have taken place in East Lothian village Tyninghame with a couple of articles sharing details here and here. All news reports seem to indicate we might see Murder Is Easy on screens at Christmas.

Crews descended upon the village last week to film an upcoming Agatha Christie special earmarked to air during the Christmas period. Based on the 1939 novel, Murder is Easy, the village was chosen after scouting by filmmakers to find the right idyllic setting to recreate a “wonderful 50s feel”.

The cast includes a number high-profile actors including Morfydd Clark, Douglas Henshall, David Jonsson, Tom Riley and Penelope Wilton among others. The story concerns the efforts of retired police officer Luke Fitzwilliam (Jonsson) to discover the identity of a serial killer, active in a small village. He learns that the series of deaths were mistaken for accidents by the locals, while the local nobleman Lord Whitfield (Riley) attributes most of the deaths to divine justice.

Much of the village was closed off during filming with all modern elements, where possible, removed.

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