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It is the Television Critics Association Winter Tour 2021 time, and HBO announced the fantastic news that The Nevers will premiere on Sunday 11th April 2021. Whilst in years past Tom Riley attended the TCAs promoting Da Vinci's Demons, this year, due to covid and other creative issues currently in the news, it seems that The Nevers launch is quite low key. We know that the series will be shooting the second half of season 1 in UK soon, having wrapped 6 episodes (season 1a), late 2020. Philippa Goslett takes over show running duties from Joss Whedon who created the world of The Nevers, a brand new sci-fi series which began shooting in London summer 2019! 

Casey Bloys, HBO's chief content creator, was interviewed by several news outlets about the decisions around how to promote The Nevers, and described the series as having a wildly talented cast,  with no reason to delay release. Casey also told The Hollywood Reporter that the show and creative would speak for itself, promotional campaigns only do so much. Given that there has been over 5 million views of the trailer on You Tube, we know that fans are excited about watching the series. 

Casey spoke to The Wrap and gave us some more information about filming the series during the pandemic, and revealed that there had been no complaints to HBO from anyone connected to The Nevers. We know that cast and crew have gone out their way in interviews over the last year or so to let fans know how collaborative and fun the set was to work on under Joss Whedon's direction. 

HBO and HBO Max chief content officer Casey Bloys says there were “no complaints” about Joss Whedon before he exited his sci-fi series “The Nevers” last fall. “No, we had no complaints or no reports of inappropriate behavior,” Bloys told TheWrap on Wednesday

Whedon completed production on the first six of “The Nevers’s” 10-episode Season 1 order, which will debut in April on HBO. Goslett is currently working on Part 2 of the first season, which will likely consist of more than the four remaining episodes from the initial order.

“We knew the original was going to be 10 episodes long,” Bloys told TheWrap Wednesday. “We were shut down by the pandemic through Episode 5. In September, we got back up to shooting, finished Episode 5 and 6. And there was kind of a natural narrative break at six. So that was the thought then was to air six episodes. So at least we had something to put out there for subscribers and fans.”

Bloys says that Goslett and her team of writers are working through the second batch of scripts now and “we’ll get a better sense of timing” when those will air as “the weeks go on.”

Tom Riley fans can hopefully be treated to some interviews, and / or promotional photos soon. 

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