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As previously announced, this year's Comic Con will be held online, and the event organisers have started to reveal the panel schedule. For potential fans of HBO's The Nevers (Tom Riley plays Augustus Bidlow), there is exciting news. Show runner and creator, Joss Whedon will have his own panel on Friday 24th July at 5pm PST. Some of the panels will still be available after the event, as detailed below, but to be on the safe side, keep an eye on Joss Whedon's panel link page and watch live

Comic-Con@Home 2020 will feature over 350 separate panels spread out over all five days of the event. There will be something for everyone! Here’s how it works: Once the daily schedules go live, you’ll be able to read the descriptions and decide what you’d like to see.

The majority of our panels will also be available AFTER the July 22-26 dates, although there are some that may have a limited time period attached to them. Each panel will contain a link; when you click on that link, you’ll launch another page that has the panel video embedded on it … that video will be available on the date and time listed. When it’s available, simply push play and watch! It’s that simple. All the panels will also be available on the Comic-Con YouTube channel, so you can also access them there.

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The Nevers co-star Amy Manson's recent interview for a Scottish tabloid highlighted her joy at working on the happy set of The Nevers, and how nice Joss Whedon is to work with:

"‘It’s the most exciting thing I’ve done. It’s mind-blowing and was an amazing moment to get the part.’ The show has been created by Joss Whedon, who wrote TV hit Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the screenplay for Marvel’s The Avengers. Ms Manson – who worked with Poldark star Aidan Turner on Being Human and Desperate Romantics, and played Disney princess Merida in hit fantasy series Once Upon a Time – had a unique way of impressing Whedon, one of Hollywood’s biggest directors.

She said: ‘When I had the audition I rehearsed the piece for weeks and put a picture of his [Whedon’s] face up so I could talk to it every day and I wouldn’t be nervous for the audition. ‘When I went in to meet him it was just like seeing a mate. Joss is the nicest human being, a total genius. ‘I’ve never been on such a happy set in my life. My Mondays are like my Fridays and that’s a great way to live.’ She added that her co-star Tomlinson is ‘one of the nicest actors I’ve ever met, she’s so gracious and brilliant’.

Production on The Nevers has been shut down due to the Covid pandemic and is now expected to hit screens in 2021."

Another recent interview with The Nevers star James Norton included a discussion about the series, and also affirmed what a humble and kind person Joss Whedon is. James confirmed that HBO had promised to continue filming the series (halted for covid-19 between epsisodes 5-6) once it was safe to do so. James also mentioned filming the pilot episode last summer, and the wait to restart the filming again in London this year. 

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