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Last month Tom Riley's wife Lizzy Caplan was promoting Castle Rock season 2 on Hulu, and this month Lizzy has another new show to promote for Apple TV's 'Truth Be Told'. The premiere of Truth Be Told was held in Los Angeles yesterday, and photos of Tom supporting Lizzy on the red carpet have been shared on Zimbio and Getty.

Lizzy Caplan has mentioned Tom a number of times in recent interviews: revealing 'Gumgate' to Jimmy Kimmel, describing the time they both met President Obama to Seth Myers, that Tom is Stephen King's biggest fan in an interview for Build New York, and how Tom brings her coffee in bed as he gets up hours before she does in an interview for The New Potato. This last revelation will come as a surprise to long time fans of Tom Riley. Way back in 2009 Tom was a confirmed night owl in an interview for this website. 10 years is a long time.

How do you always start your day?

I send my husband (who always wakes up hours before I do) an emoji of a cup of coffee, with an additional prayer hands or an eggplant emoji, and then he brings me coffee in bed and I feel like a very lucky princess.

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