Entertainment Weekly has shared another funny and enlightening 'Pop Culture' video interview with Tom, which was recorded last month in New York, while he was promoting Da Vinci's Demons. 

We learn that Tom has too many Batman comics and was traumatised seeing Dan Akroyd's hairy hands in in My Stepmother Is An Alien. Watch the video on EW.com

2 new episodes of Da Vinci's Demons broadcast tonight. 'The Magician' at 9pm on Starz and 'The Prisoner' at 10pm on FOX TV in the UK. The show has been recommended as pick of the day by Metro and Examiner.com, while Buddy TV finds seven reasons to watch the series.

The Leonardo da Vinci of Da Vinci's Demons is unlike any version I've seen before. Instead of seeing the man after he's reached high levels of success, da Vinci here is a young man that's trying to prove himself. His essence and energy is captured by actor Tom Riley. Leonardo is a charming, over-the-top man who is full of passion for his inventions, art, women, and friends. He's a renowned bastard that is looking for his place in the world. He's a compelling character who demands attention whenever he is on the screen...


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