from Ian Fisher.comAuthor Steven Berkoff

Director Derek Bond

Producer Wisepart Producions


Dahling... was originally written for television at the height of the Thatcher government, and the Poll Tax riots form the background to the play. As the streets outside the hallowed halls of a fashionable West End watering hole seethe with discontent, the far more important business of schmoozing, networking and backstage backstabbing carries on within. A first night party is in full swing and the sycophants swarm around the lead actor to smother him with compliments to his face, and bitch about him behind his back. Meanwhile, Steve and Linda try to find a window between Zen Buddhist chanting groups and voiceovers for Chockee Nutties to rehearse Macbeth, and Terry - the star on the wane - tries to come to terms with the trauma of slipping off the Hollywood A-List ("no valet parking"). from here

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6th August 2001 to 26th August 2001 (not Aug 14th)


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