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Drama short film written and directed by Kyle Higgins


A Neo-Noir following twin brothers born with a mysterious condition: only one of them can be awake at a time. Posing as one person, each awake for only half of a day, they make a living as private investigators... until a budding romance threatens to ruin their lives.

Tom Riley's Role

Twin brothers Eric / Dylan

Filming Dates / Locations

US: Studio City, Chatsworth, and Sun Valley, CA.
13th - 18th August 2015

Release Dates / Screenings

12th HollyShorts Film Festival, LA, August 2016
5th Annual Juggernaut Film Festival, Chicago, March 2017
10th Annual Taos Shortz Film Fest, New Mexico, March 2017
18th Annual Newport Beach Film Festival, California, April 2017
17th Annual Beverley Hills Film Festival, Los Angeles, April 2017
Lone Star Film Festival, Forth Worth, Texas, November 2017


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