Modern Life Is Rubbish: available for US digital download

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US fans who haven't yet had the chance to appreciate seeing Tom Riley as a cute avatar in Modern Life Is Rubbish are now in luck.


Modern Life Is Rubbish: new photo of Tom's character, film playlist & UK release

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The official Modern Life Is Rubbish Instagram account finally shared a photo of Tom's character today. It is only a small photo, but they have promised more.  The film is released in US cinemas on April 27th 2018, and in UK cinemas on May 4th 2018. Cleopatra Entertainment has shared the list of US cinemas showing the film, though the news for UK fans is a bit more limited. 


Modern Life Is Rubbish: new trailer, this time without subtitles

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Finally a trailer for Modern Life Is Rubbish has been shared online. As with the other trailer I posted the other day, there is a very brief glimpse of Tom Riley - from behind. But at least this trailer doesn't have subtitles. Modern Life Is Rubbish is released in US theatres on April 27th, and apparently in the UK on May 4th, thougbh the DVD is released on May 7th.

Modern Life Is Rubbish: US theatrical release dates and locations

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The Cleopatra Entertainment website has added details for the US theatrical release of Modern Life Is Rubbish, with a list of dates and locations. Still no trailer on there, despite the release on 27th April 2018, in just 4 weeks. Director Dan Gill posted on Instagram about a UK release of 4th May 2018, but not sure how wide that release will be, with the UK DVD release on 7th May.