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Monroe 2: series 2 broadcast in New Zealand 24th Feb

Series 2 of Monroe will begin broadcast in New Zealand on Prime TV tomorrow night 24th February at 9.45pm.

Prime is pleased to welcome James Nesbitt back to New Zealand television screens as titular neurosurgeon Gabriel Monroe, in the second series of the hit British drama Monroe.

Eighteen months on and Monroe’s confidence ebbs and flows, both in his personal life and his professional. As always, the stakes are high when it comes to brain surgery and, win or lose, the challenge is to pick yourself up and head back into work again the next day. When new clinical nurse Lizzie (Tracy-Ann Oberman) arrives at St Matthew’s the patients now have specially trained emotional support while Monroe himself, still smarting from his recent divorce, may just have one more reason to turn up to work… or not. As far as he’s concerned, if anyone’s talking to his patients, it should be him, not some specialist nurse, no matter how pretty. For his colleagues Shepard (Tom Riley) and Bremner (Sarah Parish) it’s a daily struggle maintaining a healthy balance as they juggle the demands of work with their gorgeous baby boy. Can they make their relationship work or will transgressions on both sides spell disaster?

Monroe 2: lovely blog review & cancellation analysis

There is a lovely review for series 2 of Monroe and for Tom's performance, on This Way Up blogspot, along with a perceptive analysis of the reasons for the low audience numbers during the recent broadcast. Read it in full on the blog.

Pitted against the BBC’s New Tricks which is the corporation’s highest rated ongoing drama series, Monroe was doomed. It is a shame because the series was showing all the vital signs of growth and development and had it been screened on a different night the story could be different...

...Last season’s most surprising development was the relationship between Lawrence and Jenny. This too brings both surgical teams closer together in story terms as the duo now have a baby but also commitment issues to deal with. Both actors- Tom Riley and Sarah Parish—give such convincing performances as the couple share awkward encounters in the kitchen or with a counsellor. You really feel for the fact that neither seems to be able to communicate what they feel. When Lawrence sleeps with Whitney it adds an extra tension to the workplace...

Monroe not returning

Broadcast Now are reporting that sadly there will be no more series of Monroe commissioned.

The first series was shown in the 9pm Thursday night slot and averaged a consolidated audience of 5.45m (21.38%). An additional 206k (1.08 %) watched on time-shifted ITV1+1.

The second series was moved to Monday nights running up against BBC crime series New Tricks and averaged 3.79m (13.81%). A further 302k (1.59 %) watched an hour later on ITV1+1.

An ITV spokeswoman said: “We can confirm that Monroe will not be returning. It has been a fantastic series, which we have been proud to have on the channel, but continuing to refresh our slate is an important part of the creative process for ITV Drama.”

Any fans upset at the terrible decision, write to ITV and / or sign the petition. Email and address details here