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Monroe 2: Region 2 DVD release today

The Monroe series 2 DVD is released today and can be bought / ordered through the usual outlets, including Amazon UK. Sainsbury's Online even has a few stills from the series, including one of Tom to promote it.

ITV Player have 4 episodes of the series left to watch online, and have also shared a lovely photo of Tom.

The series is also available to buy on UK iTunes.

Twitter Q&A with Tom Riley

For those fans not on Twitter, I collated most of the questions and Tom's responses. If I missed any let me know.

Tom Riley ‏@thisisTomRiley Ok. I'm here. Lets Q&A this. Tag 'em #askriley & I'll get through as many as I can. Pre-emptive strike answer. I don't know about series 3. #askriley

@StressfulG What did you have for lunch today?

@thisisTomRiley Ha! I had Haddock.

@christineLappin #askriley Shepherd & monroe have great chemistry onscreen. Are you & James Nesbit good pals off screen? #missmonroemondays ‏

@thisisTomRiley I love him. He's a fantastic friend and a brilliant actor.

@aquamarine_jo Congratulations on Monroe – damn good job. Now. Tell us something surprising about yourself! #askriley ‏

@thisisTomRiley I used to be able to run the 100m at almost world record speed.

@meatkinson If you weren't an actor would you see a career in anaesthetics as an alternative? #askriley am an ICU nurse ‏

@thisisTomRiley I think I might end up killing too many people.

Monroe 2: final episode tonight and twitter Q&A

The final episode of series 2 is on ITV at 9pm tonight, in which Shepherd and Bremner apparently reach an agonishing crossroads in their relationship. The Radio Times has a preview for it.

It’s the final episode of Peter Bowker’s clever medical drama and it will be missed by its disappointingly small knot of devotees. The second series has benefited from being less about maverick neurosurgeon Monroe, who can be insufferable in big doses, and more about his team. The ensemble is good; I hope ITV1 takes us back to St Matthew’s Hospital.

Don't forget that Tom will be holding a Question & Answer session on Twitter after the show.