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Monroe series 2 starts tonight 9pm on ITV

Thank you again to ITV publicist Natasha for sending this lovely still by Justin Slee, of Tom and Sarah Parish in series 2 of Monroe. Don't forget that it starts tonight on ITV at 9pm.

Some of the cast were interviewed by Richard Arnold on Daybreak this morning, and although Tom wasn't included, he can still be seen several times in the clips from the show. Watch the show on ITV catch-up.

An article in the weekend's Daily Mirror has been scanned and added to the galleries, while The Telegraph have the new series included in their highlights today...

ITV1’s answer to House returns with renewed vigour and trolley-loads of whip-sharp dialogue. There have been changes since last we met redoubtable neurosurgeon Monroe (James Nesbitt) – his heart surgeon pal Jenny Bremner (Sarah Parish) has shacked up with his favourite anaesthetist Shepherd (Tom Riley) and, more significantly, his colleague Alistair Gillespie (Neil Pearson) is tightening the purse strings. Still, on the bright side, a patient whose brain tumour no other doctor will touch, is begging him to operate.