The Royal Court Theatre

Author David Hare

Director Jeremy Herrin


Nadia Blye knows exactly what her stance is on Iraq. A former war reporter and Professor of International Relations at Yale, she has advised the President and seen action in Sarajevo and Baghdad. She is sure of her place in the world and her opinion of it. Until, that is, she meets an equally opinionated and lethally charming man - her boyfriend's father - over a weekend in Shropshire. His intervention has far-reaching consequences for them all.

Tom's role


The evening's most interesting performance, unexpectedly, comes from Tom Riley, who imbues with pathos and humor Philip's attempts to mediate between the two most important people in his life. But fundamental questions of plausibility weaken his character: if he's so convinced his father is a serial-womanizing liar, why does he bring his beautiful, ambitious girlfriend halfway around the world to meet him? (Because otherwise there would be no play, of course). Variety

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Royal Court: 17 January - 01 March 2008

BBC Radio 3: 25th May 2008


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