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As the second week of filming the full series of Dark Heart in London was completed yesterday, behind the scenes photos have been kindly posted on social media by the cast and crew. Sadly Tom Riley hasn't shared any, and none of the others posted include Tom - I assume he didn't want any shared online. We have been lucky to get one photo of Tom, uploaded to Twitter here, as he filmed a scene on Friday 23rd March. Tom and the Dark Heart team were also spotted filming on location by some other lucky, eagle-eyed people on Twitter earlier in the week here, here, and here.

Keep an eye on the cast and crew below for filming updates, as well as the #DarkHeart tag. Cinematographer Ed Moore is sharing some amazing photos - the new episodes being filmed promise to look wonderful. Hopefully in the next 7 weeks of filming, we will get one or two of Tom. 


Off for a jaunt around central London #lowloaderlowlifes #darkheart

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@edmooredop and co mean business #itv #filming #london #darkheart

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