Welcome to a website, dedicated since 2008 to supporting the incredible talents of Tom Riley, the versatile British actor and producer. Tom was most recently seen worldwide as Claude Sabine in Amazon Prime's series The Collection, on BBC2 and iPlayer as Charlie in Sam Bain's Ill Behaviour, on cinema screens in UK as Tom Ray in Starfish, and on ITV Encore as DI Wagstaffe in Dark Heart. 

Tom Riley has received wide critical acclaim, and awards recognition for his stage, television and film performances. He is perhaps best known for his leading television roles: Leonardo da Vinci in three seasons of Starz Da Vinci's Demons - a role which won Tom the BAFTA Cymru best actor award, and a Cablefax Programme Awards honourable mention as best actor in 2014, Robin Hood in Doctor Who Robot of Sherwood, Laurence Shepherd in two series of ITV's Monroe, Gavin Sorensen in ITV's Bouquet Of Barbed Wire, and Mr Wickham in ITV's Lost In Austen. Other notable television appearances include Poirot: Appointment With Death as Raymond Boynton, and Lewis: And The Moonbeams Kiss The Sea as Philip Horton.

Tom Ray in Starfish, Mike in Pushing Dead, Parker-Hall in Kill Your Friends, are just some of Tom's most recent film roles. Earlier lead film roles include Freddie in Happy Ever Afters, Joe in I Want Candy and David in A Few Days in September

Nominated as Outstanding Featured Actor In A Play at the 2011 Drama Desk Awards for his role as Septimus Hodge in Arcadia on Broadway, Tom's other theatre credits include numerous productions at the Royal Court Theatre, and the Riverside Studios' 2010 world premiere of Hurts Given and Received by Howard Barker. For this he received outstanding reviews, and a nomination for best performance in the 2010 Off West End Theatre Awards. Tom was most recently seen on stage as Richard Kenton in the world premiere of the Stephen Poliakoff play My City at the Almeida Theatre in 2011.

Tom filmed Ill Behaviour in Bristol, a three part comedy drama, written by Sam Bain for the BBC, aired on BBC iPlayer from July 22nd 2017 and on BBC2 from August 20th 2017. Feature film Modern Life Is Rubbish will be released in 2018. Further details of Tom's career can be found elsewhere on the site. This website has long been approved by Tom, but is unofficial. 

Ill Behaviour: Sam Bain’s excellent new comedy on BBC2 at 10pm tonight!

Ill Behaviour begins tonight on BBC2 at 10pm! The promotion for Ill Behaviour has been a bit limited, and sadly no interviews with Tom have appeared, however there are new photos of Tom Riley as Charlie, and Lizzy Caplan as Nadia on this website, to accompany an interview with Jessica Regan. 

A preview article / review has been shared on the Radio Times website, while The Observer magazine describes Ill Behaviour as an excellent new comedy! Another new interview with Jessica Regan for the Sunday Post includes some kind words about Tom as Charlie.

The bizarre premise is that when family man Charlie (Tom Riley) is diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma, best pals Joel (Chris Geere) and Tess decide to abduct him and administer the chemotherapy he’s shunning.

Ill Behaviour: your new favourite comedy drama

As Ill Behaviour begins broadcast this Sunday 20th August at 10pm on BBC2, another interview with writer Sam Bain has been shared by Digital Spy. A couple of online entertainment sites also have Ill Behaviour as recommended viewing for this weekend. 

Why you should watch: It’s a daring bit of dark comedy.

What’s the plot?: A couple of friends discover their mate is treating his cancer with only fruit juice and positive thinking, so decide to help him against his will.

How?: By holding him hostage and bringing in a rogue, alcoholic oncologist, to administer chemotherapy. Yep, this really is the plot, and it really is a comedy.

Who’s in it?: Chris Geere from Waterloo Road, Tom Riley from The Collection, and Lizzy Caplan from Mean Girls.

It’s written by: The great Sam Bain, who co-wrote Peep Show. Virgin

Ill Behaviour: Region 2 DVD release September 2017

Tom Riley fans can now pre-order Ill Behaviour on region 2 DVD from Amazon UK, prior to its release on 11th September 2017. There appear to be no extras included, and definitely no blooper reel - as according to an interview with Jessica Regan to promote the show, there wasn't one.

At the wrap party we were told that we didn’t really have a blooper reel because none of us messed up our lines, you had to know them. We didn’t have time to mess them up. The thing is it looks so cinematic on screen and I love that. 

Ill Behaviour will begin weekly broadcast on BBC 2 at 10pm on Sunday 20th August 2017. If you haven't watched it yet, the three episodes are still available on iPlayer.

Ill Behaviour: BBC 2 broadcast begins Sunday 20th August

Great news for Tom Riley fans, it's time to set your DVRs. According to Sam Bain on Twitter, UK viewers can see Ill Behaviour on BBC 2, weekly from 10pm Sunday August 20th 2017! There is no mention of any date yet on the Ill Behaviour website, but then the BBC has uploaded the same trailer twice on there...

Ill Behaviour: best films and TV shows on BBC iPlayer

There is an interview with Jessica Regan on this website, as she discusses how well received Ill Behaviour has been so far. Jessica was also interviewed on BBC Radio 4 yesterday to promote the show. Vodzilla has included Ill Behaviour in its latest recommendation list of best films and TV shows on iPlayer this week! 

Gripping, well-written and packed with ethical dilemmas, Ill Behaviour is a box set well worth your time.

Available until: 3rd October 2017.

The BBFC has classified Ill Behaviour's three episodes, possibly for a future DVD release, though there is no hint of that anywhere.  Perhaps the classification details will entice you to watch Ill Behaviour on BBC iPlayer if you haven't already...

ILL BEHAVIOUR [Season 1, Episode 1] - 15 for strong language, sex, sex references, drug misuse, bloody images.

ILL BEHAVIOUR [Season 1, Episode 2] - 15 for strong language, sex, sex references, drug misuse.