Murder Is Easy: behind the scenes featurettes

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The official Agatha Christie You Tube channel uploaded a few behind the scenes featurettes for Murder Is Easy some weeks ago. They include brief interviews with Tom Riley discussing his cgaracter Lord Whitfield. There is the Whodunnit video we already saw before the UK release of Murder Is Easy, and now a Costumes Featurette and Books Featurette. We hear about Tom taking his moustache around Glasgow on a Friday night. Murder is Easy is available to watch on BritBox and BBC iPlayer.


Murder Is Easy: Tom Riley's matinee idol look

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Murder Is Easy was released on BritBox for US and Canadian viewers on 1st March. To accompany the launch, more promotional material has appeared online, including this great behind the scenes video on filming the two-part Agatha Christie adaptation in Scotland. Tom Riley who plays Lord Whitfield in the show, isn't interviewed, but we do get to see him quite a bit behind the scenes, and also find out that make-up designer loves his 'matinee idol look', which apparently came from Tom.


Murder Is Easy: available on BritBox 1st March 2024

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BritBox has announced the streaming date for the 2 part Agatha Christie adaptation of Murder Is Easy, and according to Collider and IGN, Tom Riley fans outside the UK can catch up with his Lord Whitfield on Friday 1st March 2024.


Murder Is Easy: cast video interviews

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The Official Agatha Christie social media accounts have been sharing new programme clips of Murder Is Easy, and cast video interviews, which include Tom Riley as Lord Whitfield. The second part of the 2 part muder mystery airs tonight on BBC One, and both episodes can be viewed on BBC iPlayer


Murder Is Easy: new longer trailer

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A new, longer trailer for the upcoming BBC adaptation of Murder is Easy has been shared online, though I can't see it on any BBC resources yet. The trailer looks great, with a few new glimpses of Tom Riley as Lord Whitfield.

The 2 part murder mystery will be on BBC One on 27th and 28th December. Fans outside UK will be able to view via BritBox at a later date. 


Murder Is Easy: new cast interviews

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In advance of the broadcast of Agatha Christie's Murder Is Easy on BBC One on 27th and 28th December, the BBC has shared some promotional material. We have a gorgeous new photo of Tom as Lord Whitfield, and also a brief interview with him. The first interview in a long time. We need more!

Tell us about the series and where we find your character at the start of the series.


Murder Is Easy: BBC releases new trailer

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The BBC has uploaded the frist trailer for new Agatha Christie adaptation Murder Is Easy, and it includes a brief glimpse of Tom Riley as Lord Whitfield. 

According to the Radio Times, Murder Is Easy will broadcast on BBC One Wednesday 27th December and Thursday 28th December 2023.


Murder Is Easy: BBC announce Christmas lineup

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The BBC has announced its Christmas lineup for 2023, and it includes Murder Is Easy, with Tom Riley as Lord Whitfield, though actual broadcast dates and times have not been revealed. The BBC also included this great cast promotional photo!


Murder Is Easy: first look cast photos released

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The BBC has released promotional photos of the cast of Agatha Christie's Murder Is Easy, and includes a fabulous photo of Tom Riley as Lord Whitfield. The BBC promises that the 2 part thriller which was filmed in Scotland is coming soon to BBC One. 


Murder Is Easy: Scottish filming locations

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Some of the local Scottish newspapers have been sharing details about the new BBC Agatha Christie adaptation of Murder Is Easy, with Tom Riley as Lord Whitfield.