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Tom Riley tweeted the other day about currently baking something nuts in the US, and we finally have a little more information about it. I had hoped Tom would share a set photo, but luckily George Guzman has kindly been posting updates on Instagram. Sadly no photos of Tom.

The Toll Road is a short film written by Tom's friend Richard Galazka, which Tom told the website about during an interview back in 2014! Tom didnt reveal anything more about the script, but it all came together for this week, apparently with some of Lizzy Caplan's Masters Of Sex crew helping out. According to George's call sheet, The Toll Road is only a 2 day shoot. I don't know any of the names on the call sheet list, apart from Tom's. 

Have you produced anything else?

No, I haven’t. Although there is a short film which a friend of mine has written - an amazing writer, Richard Galazka. He’s absolutely fantastic, and we are trying to get the short off the ground, with a couple of my friends in it. It's called The Toll Road. He’s written the script, and I was going to direct and produce it. But we just haven’t found the window of time. You have to ask for so many favours, and suddenly it’s a scramble to get it done, and you’re not available. It would be nice to do that.

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