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Although The Collection was broadcast in UK late 2016, the series still seems to have a life around the world. It is available to binge in New Zealand from tomorrow on TVNZ, and on RTP2 in Portugal from 27th January.

6 period dramas to immerse yourself in

From Charles Dickens’ London to post-war Paris, these series will transport you to another place and time. 

The Collection

Full season available Friday 1 February

Based loosely on the founding of the fashion house Dior, The Collection is high drama and high fashion in post-war Paris. Stitching together the glamorous and extravagant fashions of the late 1940s with murder intrigue and betrayal, this 2016 drama follows the rise of the Sabine family’s fashion house Paul Sabine Couture. But with ruthless businessman Paul (Richard Coyle) at the helm and Claude (Tom Riley) designing all the clothes for the fledgling couturier, the brothers’ volatile relationship could bring about the downfall of the empire.

Packed with powerhouse performances, this sumptuous drama also stars Vanity Fair’s Frances de la Tour, Meryl Streep’s daughter Mami Gummer, SS-GB’s James Cosmo and W1A’s Sarah Parish.

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