EW has shared the second part of their recent interview with Tom and Gregg Chillin. As always, read it in full on their website. Tom and Gregg chat about Vlad in season 1 'The Devil', as well as sharing more thoughts on season 2 and 3.

The actors also had more to say about where the characters will be going in season 3:

Chillin: To echo Tom earlier, it really does feel that we are slightly going back to the sort of Florentine aspect of the show.

Riley: But different people returning. Leonardo is certainly less cocky than he was at the beginning of season 1 and less of an arrogant, you know, man about town. And their friendship has been tested horribly — him and Zoroaster — and Lucrezia has realized that all of her big plans maybe aren’t coming off. It’s the great thing about serialized drama: You get a chance to develop characters…The hardest thing for me about playing Leonardo as he was originally written to now is that I always knew that he was going to grow wisdom and he was going to become more humble and more aware of how his mind could be used and the importance that he should attribute to his own intelligence. But, it’s very tough to sort of hold your water for a season and a half and know that if you’re just walking around and being cocky and arrogant and just treating everyone horribly, an audience isn’t necessarily going to go for it. Usually they find it a little bit abrasive. But you know you’re getting there — slowly but surely, you will evolve, and that’s the magic of serialized TV. I was just terrified we were going to get canceled, and I would never get to the end of being able to show the journey.

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