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More stunning photos of Tom as Leonardo Da Vinci, along with an interview with him about Da Vinci's Demons, have been added to The Hollywood Reporter website. Read it in full on there. 

"The show is insanely ambitious in scope, schedule, action and the nature of Leonardo's mind," Riley tells The Hollywood Reporter, noting his challenges during the production has been to learning to do things left-handed to accurately portray the ambidextrous genius.

"My apartment is littered with sketches in various stages of completion that I attempted with my weaker hand, as well as reams of backwards writing," he says. "I've got a handy pair of foam nunchuks that I've been given to increase dexterity in my left wrist, so the double-handed sword fighting comes more naturally than it otherwise would. Safe to say, this job has pushed me harder and into stranger directions than any I've had before."

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