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The wonderful interview which Tom did for ITV's This Morning programme is now online, and viewable via ITV Player. Rex and Sipa have some amazing stills of Tom from the show, where he discussed Da Vinci's Demons, his diet of Quinoa and dust, and nearly losing an eye thanks to Colin Firth. 

The Radio Times has a brief preview for tomorrow night's show, which premieres in the UK on FOX at 10pm. 

This is hogwash, but high-grade hogwash, the sort of intoxicating tosh guaranteed to make you chortle on a Friday night. In the first few minutes we see an improbably sexy Leonardo (Tom Riley) puffing opium, then cut to Hugh Bonneville in the buff as the Duke of Milan, bottom-slapping a naked lad out of his boudoir before being stabbed in the gullet. With its florid acting, disorienting music and gorgeous CGI of Renaissance Florence, you’d never guess much of this was shot in Swansea.

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