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Lots of new photos of Tom and Gregg Chillin, taken at last night's FOX Sweden launch party in Stockholm, have been shared online, and have been added to the galleries. You can find more on these Instagram accounts here here and here.

It seems Tom and Gregg are doing a few interviews for the Swedish press to promote Da Vinci's Demons season 1 - the first has been shared on this website. Tom revealed some previously unknown titbits from filming Da Vinci's Demons, but you will need Google translate to understand it. A rough translation is below - it may be wildly innacurate.

Tom Riley remembers back to his first day of filming. It was the day before the rest of the cast came together and the idea was that it would only be some test shots. But Tom and Alexander Siddig - he plays the character Aslan Al-Rahim or "The Turk" - instead filmed all the scenes between the two characters in the first episode. There was lot of dialogue. It was dark, intense and all producers had flown from the United States to ensure that all was okay. There was tremendous pressure, so when it came time for what would have been the first day of shooting, there was a little less pressure.

Not for Gregg. "I had to change boots all the time. Initially I had something like cowboy boots and then suddenly long boots - but they said I should not be worried, they had not filmed my legs yet", says Gregg Chillin with a twinkle in his eye.

Tom said the Da Vinci's Demons scripts were so detailed, but the reality of American television is that you see maybe 50 percent of what was actually filmed.


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