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A new interview with Tom for The Backlot previews tomorrow night's episode of Da Vinci's Demons - The Tower. Tom chats about Leonardo's sexuality (again) and bats. Remember that Tom was bitten by bats during filming of series 1! Read the interview in full on The Backlot website.

TBL: We finally get to the sodomy trial. Will we get answers to our questions in regards to your character’s sexuality?

TR: I hope so. This is an incredibly important issue to me, and the online vitriol regarding ‘straight-washing’ has been very tough to read. Personally, I think it’s a little reductive to insist on labeling or claiming someone who spent his entire life trying to overthrow anything that was perceived as limiting – trying to defy constraint, both scientifically, mathematically and artistically – and I truly believe that would have extended to every other aspect of his life as well. Indeed, a great deal has been made of an almost asexual quote he made at the end of his life, describing the act of intercourse as disgusting. Personally, I’ve dismissed a lot of things at 30 that I reveled in at 20. Who knows what I’ll think of that 20 year old’s behavior when I’m 60? Perhaps the most interesting thing is to consider what kind of hurtful events may have occurred in between to lead someone to make a statement such as that, which some could interpret as painfully damaged – regardless of which gender it’s aimed at. This is a potential goldmine in our exploration of the youthful version of Leo. Hopefully we address any concerns about Da Vinci’s Demons’ depiction of this Leonardo’s sexuality in a way that is satisfactory and respectful to any historical speculation, although I am more than aware, from the level of anger I’ve witnessed online, that it’s a fire which will be hard to dampen, as I’m sure the comments thread below this interview will prove…


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