An interview with Tom and Laura Haddock for AP, recorded in NY October 2013 - photos of it shared by Starz on Instagram here, has finally appeared online, but is sadly poor quality. Tom and Laura discuss their characters and storyline for season 2 of Da Vinci's Demons. 

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Tom on season 2: "We figured it would be unfair to not pick up almost immediately after what happened - literally Leonardo and Lorenzo in a hugely tight spot - literally and figuratively - and Lorenzo's hands on Leonardo's neck. He just discovered about the affair with Lucrezia, Riario At the door with a cannon, blowing off the cannon, Lorenzo about to die from the wound to his neck. We left about as many threads dangling as there were in the script - for the entire season. So we pick up directly from there to show exactly what happens and how they get out or don't get out of that particular scrape but not before we have shown a little glimpse of where the stories going to go - a kind of spectacular, unexpected glimpse."

Tom on bringing in comic book writers Matt Fraction and Jonathan Hickman for season 2: "It brings an interesting dynamic because they understand David's way of thinking, they understand what the show is, which is we set out to make a sort of graphic novel - version of history that plays with ideas all the time and is as out there as can be and they really ran with it. We have an episode - I think it's around episode six - that is - it's so crazy but at the same time so emotionally grounded in all the characters I think it might be - it was certainly my favorite script. We all loved it. You have these fresh voices who understand the show. It brings it to life."

Tom on the season 2 inventions: "Yeah, we've got some that we know for sure that da Vinci designed if he didn't necessarily make and we've got some that we know - or maybe were discoveries around the time that we put into Leonardo's hands but for instance very early on we see a submarine which is something that Leonardo actually designed in his notebooks in real life."

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