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To accompany yesterday's release online of the first trailer for Da Vinci's Demons, Wired.com have posted an article about the series which includes interviews from last month's New York Comic Con. Read it in full on the website.

Da Vinci’s Demons is the first project to enter production under an agreement between Starz Entertainment and BBC Worldwide Productions, which explains the mostly British cast and the filming location. Goyer said he was recruited to create a show for Starz and thought Da Vinci would be the perfect person to wrap a show around. He’s been working on the concept for two years and said the cable network has been so pleased with the show that they’ve already given the writers a go ahead for season two.

Much of the first season will center on a formative experience in a cave that’s shrouded in mystery. Goyer said that’s where the supernatural comes in. He noted the cave is one element the show has in common with Batman, a character he knows well from co-writing the scripts for Batman Begins and The Dark Knight.

Riley said the season will see Da Vinci tempted to turn down a dark path to get all he desires. “Da Vinci was a bastard, so everything he did was against the rules. He starts craving that recognition and he gets it but to get there he ends up in a much darker place.” It’s difficult to be his friend, Riley said, and yet Da Vinci has charisma that draws in people.

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