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For fans in UK, there is a brand new episode of Dark Heart starting tonight at 9pm on ITV! It is listed in viewing highlights for today from The Guardian, Telegraph, What's On TV, and the syndicated press. 

This is a gripping episode as the team sets about unpicking the clues to find out what happened. And there’s emotional drama too as Staffe receives some personal news involving his nephew Harry. As long as you like your TV gloomy, there’s plenty of crime and misery here to keep you hooked until tomorrow’s episode. Syndicated Press

The London-set police procedural continues with DI Will Wagstaffe and co investigating the eldritch case of a nurse found dead on the underground and caught on CCTV fleeing a seemingly invisible attacker. The series tries a bit too hard sometimes, but it’s diverting nonetheless. Continues Thursday. The Guardian

When a young nurse dies on a platform on the London Underground, DI Will ‘Staffe’ Wagstaffe (Tom Riley) is stumped as to how and why she has met her end, but an autopsy offers up a surprise. As the woman’s recent behaviour comes under scrutiny and a link emerges with a long-missing boy and also a surgeon – look out for Claire Goose as the doctor’s distressed wife – the case takes an even more sinister turn… However, the browbeaten Staffe also has troubling family matters to distract him from the macabre case as his nephew Harry gives cause for concern, which leads to another altercation between Staffe and his sister Juliette’s seriously dodgy fiancé, Paulo. Continues tomorrow. Rating: **** What's On TV

ITV has shared a new clip from tonight's episode on social media. Unfortunately, it seems the new episodes include the blurry effects that viewers complained of last week and in 2016. Really disappointing for those who were triggered by it. 

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