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Two new reviews for Dry Powder have been shared, along with new production stills on The Stage website. Mark Shenton didn't love the play, but found Tom Riley's performance polished. Tom Wicker for The Stage considered Tom's character the most interesting. Feedback from audiences has been hugely positive on social media. 

Anna Ledwich’s production, while amusing, is brittle. Perhaps the most slippery, and interesting, character is Seth. A perfectly coiffed Riley nicely undercuts his character’s outrage at Jenny’s plans with an attention-seeking swagger and preening narcissism. He’s blinded by himself, throwing on the garb of ‘man of the people’ because he’s his own sycophantic audience. The Stage

Anna Ledwich's production summonses the right nervy energy of this cut-throat world, and has respectively brittle, poised and polished performances from Hayley Attwell, Aidan McArdle and Tom Riley as the three financiers, and Joseph Balderrama as their prey, who turns out to be motivated by his own self-interest. Mark Shenton

Aidan McArdle as Rick and Riley do well to keep the dialogue running along and there's often humour in the three's interactions. Our sympathies are peaked for Seth and his predicament. But the truth is, his situation is a little improbable: he got into finance, he loves banking, why on earth is he suddenly caring about this company and why is he surprised when the option to effectively destroy it gets put on the table? Anna Ledwich's direction ensures the rhythm and speed of the dialogue stays punchy, and leaves it mainly in the hands of the strong ensemble. What's On Stage

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