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Tom gets a brief mention in an Evening Standard article today. Read the article in full on the website.

The quirky, clever male is having his day on screen. The dream leading man is no longer a beefcake, but Benedict Cumberbatch, while Andrew Garfield — the new Spiderman — isn’t your average pin-up, either. Then there’s Harry Lloyd, Tom Riley and Eddie Redmayne heading not only for Hollywood stardom but into female hearts across the land. When I interviewed the Sherlock star Lara Pulver last week, she described this shift in the words of her dominatrix character Irene Adler: “Brainy is the new sexy.”

We already knew the dates for the US premier of Bouquet of Barbed Wire on Ovation TV; now they have confirmed the dates for the other 2 episodes. A downloadable press release is available on the website, along with a still from the programme.

This riveting, three-part mini-series is a psychological thriller based on Andrea Newman’s infamous, taboo-busting novel of the same name and premieres Saturday, July 21 at 10:00 p.m. ET/7:00 p.m. PT...

...parts two and three of the series will air on consecutive Saturday nights, July 28 and August 4, in the same time slot.

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