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Kill Your Friends is finally released in US cinemas today by Well Go USA. While the reviews so far have been as mixed as those following the UK release last November, the LA Times gave a deservedly nice mention for Tom as Parker-Hall, as did the NY Times!

It's slickly packaged biliousness, flecked with the era's music (Chemical Brothers, Blur) and worthy actors (James Corden as a coke-addicted colleague, Tom Riley as a more measured A&R rival) to whisk you along its emptily vulgar groove. LA Times

On the way he signs a Spice Girls-like group, the Songbirds, only to have his thunder stolen by the Lazies, an alternative band of greater integrity, whose rise he has ignored. Other obstructions to his advancement include his dissipated colleague Waters (a fine James Corden, light-years from his talk-show persona) and Parker Hall (a steady Tom Riley), a hotshot executive on to Stelfox’s amoral tactics and blocking his path to control of Unigram. In Stelfox’s corner is his secretary (Georgia King, on point, like everyone else in this assured production). NY Times

Another review on this site is a little more positive overall.

But it does capture the era right before the Internet wreaked havoc on the music industry. From winging off to South by Southwest to see the next hot Swedish indie band to an impressive soundtrack-featuring Radiohead and the Prodigy-that is a time capsule of the English sound at the time, "Kill Your Friends" does possess enough kernels of authenticity to be a must-see for anyone who still misses MTV's "120 Minutes."

If Kill Your Friends is playing in a cinema near you, grab the chance to see Tom on the big screen, you wont be disappointed - especially if you already listened to his narration of Kill Your Friends.

Check out the cinema locations here. Fans in the UK can expect a DVD and Blu-ray release on April 4th 2016, while US fans can pre-order on Amazon for a June 7th 2016 release date.

Kill Your Friends is already available to download from iTunes UK and US, as well as Amazon UK and US.

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