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Kate Reid, The Nevers director of photography, posted more information about how The Nevers has been changed to accomodate the pandemic. Yesterday she shared some photos on her Instagram account from the final days of shooting. The new information adds more clarity to recent interviews from Denis O'Hare and Nick Frost. Tom Riley plays Augustus Bidelow in the series.

The Nevers Season 1 A
television drama
New series created by Joss Whedon for HBO due for broadcast in Spring 2021

dir. Joss Whedon | prod co. Roundabout Productions / HBO | writer. Joss Whedon

producer. Duncan Muggoch, Ilene S. Landress | cinematographer. Seamus McGarvey BSC (eps 1 + 2) Ben Smithard BSC (eps 3 + 4) Kate Reid BSC (Ep 5) Richard Donnelly (Ep 6)

I just wrapped my work on Episode 5 directed by Joss, of Season 1A of The Nevers! Due to the Covid pandemic the series was re-fashioned into a 6 part first season (originally I was due to shoot the finale episodes 9 + 10 with Joss also) which will broadcast next year!

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