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A new photo of Tom Riley and Lizzy Caplan has been shared from the wrap party of Lizzy's new series Castle Rock season 2, filmed in Massachusetts. Next to no news has appeared online about Tom Riley's new series for HBO 'The Nevers', created by Joss Whedon. The Nevers started filming in July 2019, and the only real information shared has been for cast announcements - including the news that Tom will play Augustus Bidlow. A few people kindly shared photos on Twitter from location shoots for episode one around London and in Dublin (all embedded below), which wrapped in August, and a list of extras and crew working on the series so far can be found here. Joss Whedon himself tweeted the news that Lisa Lassek is one of the series editors.

Since then, only a couple of tiny but interesting news snippets have mentioned The Nevers. Screen Daily's interview with Adrian Wootton, CEO of Film London and the British Film Commission has revealed that the 10 episode show is filming in a converted factory in London, while the Production Intelligence website confirms an 8 month shoot is planned for the series.

HBO for one is presently shooting Joss Whedon’s Victorian sci-fi drama The Nevers in a converted factory in London. “We’ve got this iceberg that’s hidden below the surface of spaces,” says Wootton. “The warehouse spaces, the old industrial spaces, where we are asked, ‘Can you help us with temporary planning submission because we need to get a show in here now?’"







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