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Tom shared the above photo on Instagram, and it appears to be one the gifts given to Starfish cast and crew. Filming of Starfish wrapped last Friday, 18th December, with Tom describing it as emotional, exhausting and inspiring in a new article and interview shared by the Evening Standard. The article includes an interview with Joanne Froggatt, and also suggests that the film may be released in 2016. Read it in full on the Evening Standard website.

Tom Riley, who plays Mr Ray, added: “It’s been emotional. Going through what these people went through is exhausting.

"It’s a love story, but not a Hollywood love story which always seems to cover the ‘honeymoon’ phase. This shows what happens afterwards.

“[Tom and Nic] have been on set and involved throughout. Jo and I went for dinner with them — it was incredibly inspirational.” The film is expected to be released next year.

In her interview, Joanne Froggatt revealed more about how the story of Tom and Nicola Ray was produced, as well as the support from the local community in Rutland. 

The Rays have been heavily involved in the film, which was shot in their county and is written and directed by their friend Bill Clark.

Froggatt said: “It’s the most beautiful love story — they overcome the worst life can throw at you. It’s a testament to Nic and Tom’s relationship. It’s an important story in terms of disability, and appreciating what we’ve got.

“We’ve had so much support from the community. We’ve managed to make a film on a shoestring because of all the help — the locals even let us borrow their clothes for costumes.”

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