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Starfish on Twitter shared this photo of what appears to be the poster for the film. They have never shared an actual poster in any form, just this photo of one from the Edinburgh Film Festival screening last night. All traces of the trailer on the Edinburgh Film Festival website have been removed also. Odd promotion compared to Tom's other indie film premiering this weekend, Pushing Dead, which has a poster, a trailer as well as a little bit of press interest generated in advance of the screening.

Some postitive feedback for last night's screening has been shared on Twitter, and another lovely review for Tom's performance has been shared by Seensome.

The performances from both Riley and Froggat are the film’s biggest assets. Though Riley’s face is mostly hidden by prosthetics, he capably charts Tom’s arc from the upbeat father we see in the film’s opening scene to the understandably bitter and resentful man we see later. Froggat is tasked with carrying more of the film’s emotional weight and her performance is at times very moving, particularly a showcase scene at a fundraiser where she pours her heart out to a room full of suits in order to get enough money to get Tom some functioning hands.

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