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This week's TV & Satellite Week magazine, includes Starfish in its pay-per-view film highlights, awarding 4 stars and includes some kind words about Tom's performance as Tom Ray. 

Based on the true story of an East Midlands family, this British indie movie is a harrowing, heartbreaking and ultimately inspiring drama. Tom Riley plays devoted father Tom Ray, who wakes from a coma to find his limbs have been amputated and his face left terribly disfigured. The performances of Riley and Joanne Froggatt, as Tom's wife Nic, keep us powerfully engaged. **** TV & Satellite Week.

Starfish is available to rent or buy on Sky and UK iTunes, and is also available to buy on DVD from Amazon UK. If you need more encouragement to watch the film, check out some new behind the scenes glimpses from filming Starfish,  included in the video interviews shared on Facebook. 

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