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Monroe: vote for series 3 in Radio Times poll

Radio Times has an online poll to see which recently cancelled, quality TV series, fans would like to see brought back. As any Tom Riley fan who has watched series 1 and 2 will know, Monroe was a wonderful show, brilliantly written, with an outstanding cast (including Tom of course).

Sadly, a huge mistake was made by programme planners for series 2, and it lost out badly in the ratings against another show reaching the same viewer demographic. A lack of promotion, and promotional material for series 2 was also a hinderance.

Never the less, ITV has been rebroadcasting both series on its Encore channel recently, and it would be brilliant if fans could let the people who make decisions, know of the interest in another series. 


Monroe (starring James Nesbitt, Sarah Parish, Tom Riley, Neil Pearson)

Monroe series 2 & Lost In Austen to broadcast in US on Acorn TV

Great news for US fans! As from September 1st, Acorn TV will be streaming series 2 of Monroe, and also Lost In Austen! Acorn TV already has Tom's episodes of Monroe series 1, Poirot: Appointment With Death, and Marple: Ordeal by Innocence. A bargain for $4.99 per month.

A recent TV Guide magazine featured an article on Poirot's guest stars, and included this snippet about Tom's role.