The Collection: Tom Riley explains about accents used by the international cast

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As The Collection is released in its entirety on Amazon Prime USA (well, less 50 minutes shown elsewhere), we finally have an interview with Tom to help promote the show! It is quite brief, but we are grateful for anything. Tom reveals the decisions behind the use of different accents in The Collection. I actually thought it was to show class differences (perceived or actual), so interesting to find out the true reason.


Starfish: new on set video interviews

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Interviews with Tom Riley, Joanne Froggatt, Bill Clark, Pippa Cross, as well as Tom and Nic Ray, recorded on the set of Starfish, have been shared on You Tube by Land's End. This was first uploaded last October, but didn't turn up in any of my searches sadly, especially as it is the only one we have had from the set.

Tom Riley and Joanne Froggatt provide some wonderful background to filming a true story from the actor's point of view, while Tom and Nic Ray describe how making Starfish brought closure for them.


The Collection: Tom shot his first film in Paris

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A new interview with Tom has been shared online to promote the broadcast of 3 more episodes of The Collection on France 3 this evening. Thank you to Tanya for kindly translating the interview into English for the website.

Since working on The Collection, Tom Riley, who plays the creator in the shadow Claude Sabine, considers fashion as an art in its own right.


Starfish: new red carpet premiere interview & a VERY young Tom...

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A new video interview with Tom, from the red carpet premiere of Starfish last month has been uploaded to You Tube by Red Carpet News. Tom chats about why the project was important to him. 

Dark Heart: new interviews for TV Choice, Total TV & What's On TV

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In advance of the broadcast of Dark Heart on Wednesday night, many TV magazines have shared interviews with Tom. Since they are all very similar, I am guessing most of them were from the same round table / press day. Interesting how different yesterday's interview answers in the Daily Express compare to today's shared by What's On TV! And there is more detail to the reveal about maintaining body fat for Da Vinci's Demons.


Dark Heart: new video clips & filming with drunk passers-by

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A new interview with Tom for The Sun, talking about working with Charlotte Riley, was shared a few days ago, but was lost in the flood of great Starfish reviews. 

Speaking ahead of the drama’s launch on ITV Encore on November 9, Tom told how he would feel the weight of heavy emotional storylines and was grateful for some on-set laughs with co-star CHARLOTTE RILEY.


Dark Heart: ITV hopes it will become a series

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There is a second interview with Tom for the Daily Express, which has been shared online, promoting Dark Heart - on ITV Encore at 9pm this Wednesday 9th November. Yes, this is the same night as the special screenings of Starfish around the country.


New interview with Tom for The Picture Journal

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A new interview with Tom has been shared by The Picture Journal, and includes 3 new photos from a 2013 photoshoot for Wonderland by Jessie Craig! Tom shared a ghost story which he previously revealed in his last interview for the website. Not new. But I guess it doesn't count, and he means shared in an important interview. Read the interview in full on The Picture Journal.


Dark Heart: new interview reveals the show is realistic and very fresh

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There is a new photo of Tom as DI Wagstaffe on this website, highlighting new shows to watch in November. 


Dark Heart: ITV press pack interview reveals a new job

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The ITV press pack promoting the broadcast of Dark Heart on 9th November, can be shared from today. The pack has a few new stills of Tom as DI Wagstaffe, and an interview with him, which reveals that he is about to film (or is possibly now filming), a comedy drama series. No more details about Tom's new job are shared in the interview or online anywhere that I can find, and I have hunted everywhere.