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Another great interview with Tom for Collider.com, discussing Da Vinci's Demons has been shared online. As always, read it in full on the website. 

What can you say about the antagonistic relationship that Leonardo has with Girolamo Riario (Blake Ritson)?

RILEY: Both of them are driven by completely diametrically opposite ideals. He has a completely unswerving belief in the divine, and that he’s doing something for a greater power and for God and the Holy Father. You’ll find out, later in the series, that there are more personal things at work there, as well. Leonardo comes from an imperial point of view, where everything is humanist and the Church is a lot of nonsense. So, they are completely and utterly opposed, and they will never be able to find common ground, yet they’re quite similar in a lot of other ways. They’re similar in their self-belief and similar in the fact that they think they’re cleverer than the people that they’re around, and that’s going to lead to them butting heads, a lot.

The great reviews continue to come in...

A little bit Game of Thrones, a little bit Elementary, a little The Borgias and a lot boy's own adventure, Da Vinci's Demons is a rollicking ride... ...Tom Riley is just sexy and charismatic enough to make da Vinci's arrogance palatable, Elliot Cowan is wonderfully urbane as Medici, and already a thick conspiracy is being woven to entrap us. The Age

Tom Riley plays Da Vinci in a manner that directly channels Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark in just about every way. Perhaps this is the preferred method of portraying a human dynamo onscreen these days? Riley shows off a decent amount of charisma with the rest of his cast, but his best moments are shared with the mysterious character known as “The Turk” played by Alexander Siddig whom you will all remember as Dr. Bashir from Deep Space Nine. Riley’s energy matches his arrogance, but it appears that director David S. Goyer has steered Riley’s performance to reserved calm and focus whenever Leonardo engages in painting or drawing portraits; specifically those of beautiful women. Cosmic Book News

Alright, let's open this up with a disclaimer. Leonardo doesn't really get his gay on in DaVinci's Demons opening episode. That's a shame, because the media constantly glosses over historically queer characters' sexuality like it's no big deal Tom Riley is just otter-ly gorgeous. That didn't keep me from enjoying the show, and I've heard things get queerer deeper in the season. Given some of the responses we've seen in our past articles just wanted to state that up front... ...So yeah, DaVinci's Demons isn't all that gay... yet. Still, “The Hanged Man” is a beautiful, high-energy Renaissance romp and another solid addition to Starz's lineup. After Elton

GeeksofDoom liked everything related to Tom's performance and character, while Ace Showbiz have uploaded a few hi-res photos of Tom from Cannes this week (seems like ages ago...) 

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