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An amazing review for Da Vinci's Demons from IGN has been posted. 

David S. Goyer’s stab at recreating the history of da Vinci, Da Vinci’s Demons, is an exciting, sexy and enticing recreation of the socio-political struggle of Florence Italy...

...Tom Riley is strong in the role with room to grow as we discover more about da Vinci and those demons of his.

Two more sites also loved it and shared their reviews online.

Let me just mention that Tom Riley is outstanding in the role of Leonardo Da Vinci. Not only is he a great actor but his energy, wit and delivery make him really fun to watch. hanko9.com

He’s a charming roguish genius, ably played by Tom Riley, sure to become the latest British heartthrob... ...Tom Riley is a standout as Leonardo. He imbues Leo with intelligence, mischievousness, and impatience with a hint of wistfulness and occasionally a dose of self-destructiveness that make for a complicated man. NGTV

Another great new interview with Tom has been shared by UPI, where Tom mentions Lost In Austen.

In addition to affording him the opportunity to play such a fascinating, well-developed character, Riley said the job also gave him the welcome chance to collaborate again with his good friend and "Lost in Austen" co-star Elliot Cowan.

This time around, Cowan plays Lorenzo Medici, Da Vinci's patron. Cowan played Mr. Darcy to Riley's George Wickham in "Lost in Austen," a small-screen re-imagining of Jane Austen's "Pride and Prejudice." Their "Austen" co-star Hugh Bonneville also has a cameo in the pilot episode of "Demons." "I have such affection for 'Lost in Austen!'" Riley exclaimed. "I met some of my best friends on that job. We live really near each other and hang out all the time. Elliott is one of them, so it was really nice to go back and play completely different roles."

This fantastic photo was shared by the FOX TV UK Facebook Page.

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