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This photo was kindly shared by Starz PR on twitter. Another 2 great interviews have appeared this afternoon. The first for Comic Book Resources reveals Tom's favourite parts when making the series - read it all on the website

What were some of the most fun parts for you making this show since you’re involved in just about every facet of it?

It’s weird. I think that’s the great thing about the show is I got to do the stuff you dream of doing as an actor when you’re a kid and you think being an actor is all explosions and sword fights and horse riding. I got to do all that stuff. Racing across — literally galloping across — a meadow on horseback is incredibly exciting, but then at the same time there’s the stuff that’s hinted at in the beginning with Lucrezia, that storyline, is really fascinating when it all comes to a head. I absolutely loved playing those scenes, that kind of emotional “Is it a relationship? Is it love? Are they using one another?” Those things were always the most sort of exciting to play. And then on top of that you’ve got these cerebral moments of deduction are also great. To sort of storm into a room and say, “I know what all this means!”

The second, a hilarious one for EW.com reveals that Tom may have been undertaking a few too many interviews in the last couple of days...there is a lot of chat about nipples and tit-tape...read the full interview on their site. 

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: On a lighter note, your shirts are so low-cut on the show. I’m imagining multiple fittings to find the optimum depth. What can you tell us about that process?

TOM RILEY: As you say, we had various different shirts of differing lengths. The lower it went it became quite important that it should be just above the belly button. [Laughs] Because when you see the belly button, apparently that can be quite upsetting and quite distracting for some people. So we needed to keep that out, but keep enough abs and pectorals in. And of course, it had to be period, so it was long and flappy. And also, it was supposed to be in Florence, so it was supposed to be warm, even though we weren’t [filming in Wales]. Those are very cold nipples. [Laughs]

Since you brought up nipples: I was also wondering if you used double-sided tape at all to prevent nip slips.

What, like, tit tape, to sort of keep everything there? “Tit tape,” that’s what people call it, isn’t it?

I don’t call it that, but I love that.

It’s called tit tape in England. We’re far more straight about this. No, there wasn’t double-sided tape. If something was revealed, than that was just like an Easter Egg, a little bonus. [Laughs] You can tell I’ve been doing interviews for a few days. I’m going slightly mad. [Laughs]...

...Last question: You have a great sex scene in tonight’s premiere. And then I don’t think there’s one in episodes two or three. What’s up with that?

Yeah. Well, the one in episode one was so good that we thought we should just hold off until episode four. So stick around. There’ll be more. It’s okay.

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