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A short video from the press conference at Comic Con Portugal has been uploaded to You Tube. Unfortunately, it seems that it may just be part 1 of a number of videos, rather than the whole thing. 

Another report from the conference has been shared on this website, along with a photo. Thanks again to Andre for translating.

Always with a smile, the actors talked a bit about the new upcoming season. Characters, once separated during season two, will meet again in the same place. However, they’re not the same – something changed – which will alter the way they react to one another.

Elliot Cowan admitted that the relationship between Da Vinci and Lorenzo de Medici will change, the same will happen with Girolamo Riario. “The relationship between Riario and Da Vinci will gain another whole new meaning”, said Blake Ritson. The relationship between them is “deep, complex, and things are going to become complicated”, added. When it comes to his own character, Riario, Blake Ritson said that the new season might bring obstacles to “Riario’s already complicated life”, however there won’t be any kind of romance. “Rario’s a loveable person with a heart of gold, he’s just misunderstood”, said between laughs.

About Da Vinci? Tom Riley admitted that there will be new inventions designed by the artist, although “being designed by him doesn’t mean that they were built by them”, he explained. When questioned about how the show doesn’t follow Da Vinci’s biography to the letter, Riley affirmed that “people have an idea how the show should be. This is our version of Da Vinci”, admitting that he feels more at ease now, after three season, rather than at the beginning. “He was an artist. I think he would understand why the show was written this way", commented Cowan.

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