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Wonderful new photos from the Hall of Fame event at Comic Con Portugal have been shared by Frames In Your Mind here, with several of Tom. A new blog report from the Comic Con Portugal press conference has been shared on this website, along with more photos. Thanks to forum member Andre for kindly translating it for the site. 

The first questions were directed at Blake Ritson, who plays Girolamo Riario, the Pope’s son. I have to admit that I never, in any kind of interview, seen such a funny actor that didn’t participate in any kind of comedy. Blake answered the questions he was asked his own way, leaving everyone laughing, despite his serious attitude/look like he was saying the most adamant of truths. The so called ‘British humour’! Blake Ritson graduated in medieval English and Italian.

Tom Riley, the protagonist that plays the great Leonardo Da Vinci, confessed that he feels the overwhelming responsibility that is to play such a great genius, but also hopes that the audience understands that it’s a fantasy drama. Some aspects were previously defined by the writers so as to not exaggerate a whole lot.

Most of the questions were centered about what was going to happen in the show and the characters in general, so I addressed Tom Riley:

“In all of the backstage/on set photos, you seem like you’re always having a good time and smiling a huge deal. Is there any special moment that you can share with us that happened on set?”

The three actors didn’t contain their laughter.

Blake promptly answered: “You have no idea, but this man spends most of his time crying!”

Tom, while catching his breath, answered: “It’s true. These last three years have been fantastic. It’s been very difficult to contain our laughter during season three’s shooting. We’ve been very naughty. To tell the truth, I’m very lucky to work with such a magnificent cast. There were so many special moments and many funny situations. It was amazing!”

He continued, explaining how much he admired the actors he worked with and how honoured he felt ever since the beginning to belong in such a “family”.

Elliot Cowan, who plays Lorenzo de Medici, confided that the workload has been huge. When he had heard that his wife went into labour, he quickly left the set and rushed to the hospital; and the only shows he watches on TV now are mostly cartoons.

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