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There is a great interview from last weekend's NYCC posted on the Spinoff Online website, where the cast discuss their characters, the vibe of the show and nudity... Read it in full on the website.

Creator David S. Goyer teased that this Da Vinci would be one-third Indiana Jones, one-third Tony Stark and one-third Sherlock Holmes, but Riley told a gathering of journalists at the convention that he just tried to make the character his own.

“We’re trying to say what would a guy who’s as smart as that, who could create a body of work that still exists now, what would he have been like when he was young?” the actor said. “Not the dry guy we know now from the now-decaying self-portrait. He must have been a guy who was alive and vibrant and challenging authority and so that’s what I’m doing...”

...Although it’s a historical drama, there apparently will be some supernatural elements at play. “It’s Lost-ian in the sense that there are certain ambiguous, open-ended strange moments, but I can honestly say that everything that happens in Season 1 I know why it happens,” Riley said. ”There will obviously be elements of ambiguity because that’s what makes stories interesting, that you can paint parts of the picture yourself, but for the main part, we’re trying to make it as explained as possible...” 

...There also will be a “Da Vinci Vision” used to depict the way he thought. It will be similar to the way the problem-solving proves is used in series like Sherlock and Numbers, and is something Pulver and Riley expressed excitement about. The vibe of Da Vinci’s Demons won’t be strictly Renaissance, and Haddock teased there will be high fashion and some ’90s pop tossed in for good measure. And as it’s a Starz series, expect for plenty of sexuality on display...

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