For those fans not on Twitter, I collated most of the questions and Tom's responses. If I missed any let me know.

Tom Riley ‏@thisisTomRiley Ok. I'm here. Lets Q&A this. Tag 'em #askriley & I'll get through as many as I can. Pre-emptive strike answer. I don't know about series 3. #askriley

@StressfulG What did you have for lunch today?

@thisisTomRiley Ha! I had Haddock.

@christineLappin #askriley Shepherd & monroe have great chemistry onscreen. Are you & James Nesbit good pals off screen? #missmonroemondays ‏

@thisisTomRiley I love him. He's a fantastic friend and a brilliant actor.

@aquamarine_jo Congratulations on Monroe – damn good job. Now. Tell us something surprising about yourself! #askriley ‏

@thisisTomRiley I used to be able to run the 100m at almost world record speed.

@meatkinson If you weren't an actor would you see a career in anaesthetics as an alternative? #askriley am an ICU nurse ‏

@thisisTomRiley I think I might end up killing too many people.

@Lodgey22 what are james and sarah like towork with #askriley ‏

@thisisTomRiley They're both fantastic. Fun as well as talented.

@lizzietaylor1 you're not leaving are you?! would you go back for a 3rd series? yours and monroes bromance is the best! #askriley

@thisisTomRiley Doesn't look that promising for Shepherd. He's left some devastation in his wake.

@jenyl6do you have a bucketlist or a list things or places that you always wanted to see/do? #askriley

@thisisTomRiley I've been lucky enough to tick most of them off. Adding more everyday.

@KarlieCol I know you're about to be all super famous (as you should be) but can we expect you back on broadway eventually? #askriley ‏

@thisisTomRiley I may or may not be cooking up a plan with a friend...

@mandi3059 Did you at any time on set have the fit of giggles especially with James Nesbitt #askriley ‏

@thisisTomRiley To be honest, it was @DrSarahParish that was the biggest cause of my giggles.

@laheard100 Is there a role or roles you've always wanted to play, but haven't yet? #askriley

@thisisTomRiley Hamlet.

@hernameisnicki who would win in a fight between Shepard & Springer? #askriley

‏@thisisTomRiley @LukeAllenGale has the upper body strength, but Shepherd has the sneaky moves.

@BeverleyBeck76 What's the best thing about working on Da Vinci's Demons? Apart from the fabulous SAs, of course! #askriley ‏

@thisisTomRiley The scripts and the cast.

@derekbair #askriley What were you most surprised to learn about Leo? Why do you think he wrote mirrored? ‏

@thisisTomRiley Speed. To write with both hands was the only way he could get everything in his mind out at once.

@mandi3059 What research did you do for your part as Shepherd? #askriley

@thisisTomRiley Studied anaesthesia and visited brain damaged patients in hospital as well as witnessed operations. I also shopped only in Next.

@ritch_diaz Does Da Vinci's Deamons has a premiere date? maybe after spartacus finale? #askriley ‏

@thisisTomRiley It does. Any more than that and Starz would take me out the back of Florence and shoot me.

@hongkongfan So, where do you prefer working? UK or US? and whats your favourite work to date? #askriley ‏

@thisisTomRiley Love working in both. UK is where my heart is. My proudest achievement was Arcadia on Broadway.

@iainco do you have an active interest in anaesthesia/neurosurgery? ‏

@thisisTomRiley The show made me incredibly interested, yes. It's endlessly fascinating.

@derekbair#askriley (By mirrored I meant from right to left - backwards!) So that you can only read it by looking in a mirror! ;-) ‏

@thisisTomRiley I know. But writing that way enabled him to write in two directions at once, so his hands didn't crash into one another.

@MissLauren_89 if you weren't an actor what would of you wanted to be instead? #askriley ‏

@thisisTomRiley A chef or a record company A&R man.

@KarlieCol If you could play any other role in Arcadia, who would you choose? Or would you tackle Septimus again? #askriley ‏

@thisisTomRiley I should play Bernard. It would be thematically consistent with the cycle Billy started and the play itself.

@sallyh32 your worst bad habit? #askriley ‏

@thisisTomRiley Over thinking.

@stiffysteffy What are your plans for Christmas & new year #askriley drinking Zinfandel btw :)

@thisisTomRiley Family, Friends and New York. @emmajayneball have you got any pets?? #askriley #random

@ZoeB08 what's it like working with the genius that is James Nesbitt?? #askriley ‏

@thisisTomRiley Exhausting. Too much genius can wear us lowly brains out.

@laheard100 Do you still have 'issues' watching yourself on the big screen? If so, is it any better watching yourself on TV? #askriley

@thisisTomRiley I've stopped watching. It makes it easier.

@mimiXmoo who are you closest to off set? (Monroe cast) #askriley ‏

@thisisTomRiley Too hard to pick. They're awesome. Except for @TheAndrewGower, who is a terribly violent boy.

@paulenemarie would you be tempted to strut your stuff on Strictly? #askriley

@thisisTomRiley No. A thousand times no. My arse looks terrible in lycra. Take it from me.

@pudbayf who in the world of acting has inspired you the most? #askriley ‏

@thisisTomRiley A publicist at ITV. She's got dimples.

@PicCeriMariePer #askriley What's you current favourite band/group?

@thisisTomRiley Last few albums I bought were Tame Impala, The Lumineers, Bat for Lashes and Dark Dark Dark.

@laheard100 There's + swords,horse riding n DVDemons. is that something you've enjoyed?would you consider an action movie? #askriley ‏

@thisisTomRiley I need to heal the bruises from this one first.

@Shortandgrumpy Any dating tips from Shepherd to Springer @LukeAllenGale #askriley

@thisisTomRiley @LukeAllenGale Use less hair product.

@BlissMeliss Have you all come away from Monroe with major poker/gambling habits/skills? #askriley ‏

@thisisTomRiley I lost my house to Jimmy.

@PicCeriMariePer #askriley What do you enjoy more reading a book or writing? I'm currently writing a novel about a girl with aspergers x ‏

@thisisTomRiley I love both equally.

@StephenCotteri2 love the show! Did you enjoy filming in Leeds? #askriley

@thisisTomRiley I did. Although it was freezing.

@Amy_Brownaux what its like working with James Nesbitt and @DrSarahParish? #askriley

@thisisTomRiley Like working with your embarrassing, but sexy parents.

@laheard100 I heard you studied piano? Is music something you may consider or would like to develop professionally? #askriley

@thisisTomRiley A LONG time ago. It's a regret that I never continued.

‏@emmajayneball have you got any pets?? #askriley #random

@thisisTomRiley Yep. Cats. They look at me with 90% indifference and 10% hope.

@mimiXmoo what were shepherds previous relationships like? If there's any background? :) #askriley

‏@thisisTomRiley I secretly thought he had been in one relationship before with the love of his life that had failed spectacularly.

@LinziD22 MARMITE - Love it or hate it? #askriley ‏@thisisTomRiley Hate it. @GS_AFC did you enjoy filming series 1 or 2 more? ‏

@thisisTomRiley 2, but we missed @manjinder_virk.

@BecRhoades do you still have family in Kent? visit much? I'm not a stalker. I like the shirt you're wearing tonight though. #askriley

@thisisTomRiley You know as well as I do I'm naked.

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