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The really lovely photo of Tom Riley above, taken after yesterday's matinee performance of Dry Powder, was kindly shared on Instagram by talented photographer Ibsan Siddiq. According to Hampstead Theatre, only a handful of tickets left for the play until the end of the run on 3rd March. Don't leave it too late to see Dry Powder - the positive reviews keep coming!

Following the Londonist's review a few days ago, seeing Dry Powder is at the top of its list of things to do this week! A second review from the Times awards the play 3*** stars

US playwright Sarah Burgess's play Dry Powder is a sharp comedy about high finance. In a swift succession of punchy scenes it lifts the lid on the power struggles within a New York City private equity partnership who are about to buy a Californian luggage company. Londonist

This fast-talking comedy about high-finance by American writer Sarah Burgess skates entertainingly over big issues, without ever digging deeply into them. Set in a New York office, Burgess imagines what happens if these most ruthless of capitalists have, or have to pretend to have, a conscience. Hayley Atwell is completely convincing as the emotionally stunted asset-stripper of a private equity firm. Less so is her rival Seth (although well played by Tom Riley) who attempts to protect the jobs of the firm whose acquisition he had brokered for their boss Rick (Aiden McArdle), a ruthless deal-maker. Still, if the conflict between Rick and Atwell’s Jenny has the whiff of artifice, it results in some of the sparkiest dialogue currently around. And Atwell has all the empathy of a raptor on the hunt. Jewish Chronicle

A play about a private equity company, given the reaction of the people I've mentioned it to, sounds as dry as the title but this is a feisty, fast-paced play, that delivers some witty one-liners and a whole lot to think about. I'm giving it five stars. Blog - Revstan

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