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The Guardian shared a second review for Dry Powder today, and with kind words about Tom Riley's character, along with another great production phtoto of Tom with Hayley Atwell.

The play is set in a New York private equity firm where a sharp-suited trio wheeler-deal. Rick (a convincingly stressed Aidan McArdle) is the boss who has been vilified in the New York Times for throwing a no-expenses-spared engagement party (complete with elephant) while laying off workers from a grocery chain.

His right-hand woman, shark-like Jenny, is played with compelling pizzazz by Hayley Atwell. And Tom Riley’s nuanced Seth, third side of their vicious triangle, leans dangerously towards the ethical as he negotiates with Jeff, CEO of a California bespoke luggage company (a sympathetic Joseph Balderrama) on the brink of a leveraged buyout. Anna Ledwich’s direction serves the slimline piece smoothly, and designer Andrew D Edwards’s mirrored panels create an executive look.

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