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Happy Happy 41st Birthday to Tom Riley!! Each year since 2008, we have sent the wonderful, multi-talented, charming, witty, and gorgeous Tom Riley, birthday wishes from the website, forum, facebook, twitter, tumblr, and instagram. Join us today in sending him much love, hoping this birthday is full of joy, full of cake, and as Tom is a sleep deprived new father - full of sleep.

Shelley Hennig who co-starred with Tom in Netflix series The Woman In The House Across The Street From The Girl In The Window had some fabulous things to say about working with Tom on the show - which I missed as Tom's surname was spelled incorrectly. 

Shout out to Tom Reilly who spoke so highly of me in another interview. I have a write-up for him on what it's like working with Tom Reilly: the sharp-witted angry Brit, phenomenally agile actor, unwavering in his performance, puppet master, instinctive, untaught, primal at times, scary AF, and a person who always makes sure you have a chair to sit on. That's what it was like working with Tom Reilly.

The Woman In The House is still available to binge on Netflix. 

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