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The Hollywood Reporter has posted a great interview with the writing team for The Woman in The House Across The Street From The Girl In The Window. Rachel Ramras, Hugh Davidson and Larry Dorf answer lots of questions about how they created the show, and answer questions about whether there could be another series.

You’ve said the show was only intended as a limited series, but it’s now had such a moment, and you also wrote the finale the way you did, between introducing Glenn and then ending on a cliffhanger. What are your thoughts on where this could still go?

Ramras: A couple of the books that I read ended with a chapter of the author’s next book and so we thought it would be funny and a nod to these books, and evocative of these books, to have a final dangling chapter as to what could be next in this world’s adventure. In our fantasy, it would have an actress like Glenn. We just never thought it would actually be Glenn, but when you think back, from Fatal Attraction and Jagged Edge, it’s like she’s the OG of the female-led thriller. It just seemed like too fun of a concept to have her in at the end. She was so on board and game and wanted to look fabulous, and she does. So, I don’t think anything has changed in terms of what we set out to do. It is a limited series, and it is fun that people are imagining that there could be more to the story, and perhaps there could. But for us, even though it seems like the beginning of a new story, it really was just an absurd denouement.

The cast of The Woman In The House have been sharing the good news about viweing figures for the series worldwide - it has been number 1 in English speaking countries again! Tom was so excited, he shared a headless, shirtless photo on Instagram. Which may be of him.

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